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Clean water is a right. With Research and Product Experience Design for water filter start-up EVERYWATER, KISKA is doing our part to ensure equal access to all.

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Access to clean water is a human right, but reality is different. About one-third of the world population doesn’t have access to it, which the people of Pakistan understand very well. A hotspot for contaminated water, it’s no surprise that filtration start-up EVERYWATER was formed by two engineering students in the country. Digging into their own experiences, they developed a new filtration technology with an antimicrobial membrane.

Equipped with vision, innovation, and a US patent for its hollow-fibre membrane filtration, EVERYWATER needed to create trust in the technology through brand consulting, product experience design and communication design. Partnered with KISKA, the startup is now prepared to be a global leader in the field.

“Water access is a global challenge distinguished by cultural nuance. KISKA’s quick grasp created an impactful brand that attracts the investment we need to lead the industry.”

Director and CEO Syed Javed | EVERYWATER

Personal stories to generate trust.

Keen to gather insights directly from those most affected, a research and design team from Salzburg went to Pakistan. There, we hit the ground running with qualitative research, testing early prototypes and conducting interviews with people from all walks of life. Their uplifting – and sometimes heartbreaking – stories quickly yielded insights about their cultural values and experiences with contaminated water.

The market research revealed that although different demographics value water differently, everyone distrusts filtered water labelled “purified”. As such, EVERYWATER needed to promise transparency to users to get their trust, which is now reflected in the products’ first designs and the brand’s communication design.


Brand ambassadors with a thirst for change.

The user research phase also revealed EVERYWATER’s target market: the “Visionary Realist”. Spanning the socio-economic spectrum, Visionary Realists are optimistic, ambitious, and community-minded. Like the EVERYWATER start-up team, they want to improve their country and believe that positive change can be made with the right product. They also understand that the right brand can help them express this belief.

With EVERYWATER’s audience targeted, our team in the field positioned the business for its future brand identity as functional, with a touch of style and sophistication. Positioned between luxury and necessity, EVERYWATER was characterised as intelligent, accessible, and product-focussed.

“EVERYWATER and KISKA have a close connection, which you can sense in the team’s passion and energy. Combining brand strategy with consumer insights, innovation and design performance isn’t an everyday challenge. In fact, when creating new brands the stakes are high, which makes it a perfect KISKA project.”

Client Director Markus Wechselberger | KISKA

Pure and honest design. Just like the water.

Working closely with the client in Dubai and Singapore, a team of creative experts in Brand Communication and Product Experience Design developed EVERYWATER’s brand design. The aim was to infuse the practical relationship between people and water with emotion and trust. The result is a sincere, straightforward, and humanistic approach to communicating the technology of water filtration.

Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and UI / UX Designers created a clear, credible, and humble corporate identity and website. In parallel, Product Designers established a transparent design language inspired by the mechanics of EVERYWATER’s filtration technology. They continue to work in sprints with engineering and manufacturing partners to prototype concepts for quick testing and iteration.

We can’t say much about the final product design innovation just yet and can show even less. Here’s a hint of what the Visionary Realists can expect: a filtration system that improves quality of life by filtering out the worry of contaminated water. An emotional product with serious real-world value.

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